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Encrypting traffic, and providing confidence

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Professional SSL Security

Ensuring your clients data is transmitted securely

SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) is the security standard used for encrypting data between a server and a browser. It ensures that data sent to the web server has been securely passed across the Internet without fear that it has been intercepted and read.

Why Do I Need One?
Why Do I Need One?

If your website is e-commerce based, or requires customers to enter and submit information to your website, then without encryption the sensitive information could be easily accessible to anyone wanting to intercept and exploit this information. By using SSL encryption the data is scrambled and useless to anyone other than our servers.

Improve Customer Confidence
Improve Customer Confidence

It is well known that customer confidence in a website can be knocked if security isn't visible when sending sensitive information. Key features such as the padlock showing within the browser can be aided with the use of trust logos that are available to anyone purchasing a certificate. This should provide peace of mind encouraging them to submit data safely.

Storing Confidential Information
Storing Confidential Information

Even if you're not necessarily requesting data, but instead are storing it, SSL certificates prevent data being intercepted when it is being accessed by authorised users. For example, when logged into our control panels, and you wish to access invoice or payment details you will always be redirected to a secure connection.

Shared SSL
Shared SSL

For those customers looking for a cheaper SSL solution most of our hosting plans provide you with access to shared SSL. This makes use of a generic domain name (eg https://www.securedweb.co.uk/username). If you direct traffic to this domain followed by your account username, the data received will be encrypted. This is meant as a very basic solution but isn't advisable to be used for professional e-commerce solutions.

Standard SSL Professional SSL
Encryption Level High (128 - 256 bit) High (128 - 256 bit)
Validity Period 1 Year 1 Year
Delivery Time 24 Hours or less 24 Hours or less
Browser Support Legacy Browsers 99.9%
Dedicated IP Address Included -
Mobile Device Support
Secures www. and root address
Vetting Domain Checks Domain Checks
Activates Browser Padlock
Pricing is exclusive of VAT
1 Year
(Equivalent to £3.08 per month)
(Equivalent to £8.08 per month)

How to Purchase Your SSL Certificate

Existing CIX hosting customers can easily place orders for an SSL certificate online through their control panel. Simply edit the hosting account within your master control panel, click on the SSL Certificate icon where you can choose between the shared and professional SSL solutions.

If you don't have a customer account with us please choose between our web hosting plans or dedicated servers to get started.