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A Domain Name for Wales

Kicking off from 1st March 2015

HOW TO PURCHASE A .WALES / .CYMRU DOMAIN - If you would like to purchase one of these domains the quickest way would be to call our sales team (03300 538 548 or email sales@cix.co.uk). We can collect details to setup an account and process your order within minutes. You will be sent a welcome email with login credentials to our control panel where you can view and manage your new purchases.

DOMAIN AVAILABILITY - If you would like to see if your .wales or .cymru domain is available please visit our domain checker page which will allow you to search with ease alongside hundreds of other extensions.

Promote your Identity on a Global Stage
Promote your Identity on a Global Stage

Wales has been one of the last countries in the world to have access to its own domain name. Whether you are an individual with a personal website, or a business proud to be Welsh, these domains can allow you to better promote your location and what you sell.

Keeping it Simple
Keeping it Simple

You may currently be making use of existing domain extensions such as evans-hats-wales.com, whereas now can look to securing a simpler and shorter version such as evans-hats.wales or evanshats.cymru.

Reach Welsh Speakers
Reach Welsh Speakers

As part of the application process the organisers behind this made sure that both .wales and .cymru were secured. This can allow you to easily separate your English and Welsh versions of your website, as an example.

Profits Are Re-invested in Wales
Profits Are Re-invested in Wales

All the profits generated from the registration of .cymru and .wales domain names by Nominet are being put back into Internet related projects in Wales.


.Wales and .Cymru TLD Domain Extensions


Large parts of the UK already have their own domain extensions whether it be Jersey (.je), Guernsey (.gg), Isle of Man (.im), yet Wales, with its own language, doesn't. After years of discussion, and various failed bids to secure funding from the Welsh government, Nominet are in the process of submitting an application to secure .cymru and .wales extensions with ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is responsible for evaluating all TLD claims. Nominet are the body which controls .uk domain names including .co.uk, org.uk and .me.uk.


At CIX we support this application process and look forward to being one of the first providers to be able of offer these extensions. CIX will be active in the application process, will attend associated events, and will keep this page updated with the latest developments. We welcome any feedback or opinions you may have on the extension, and we will do our best to communicate this to Nominet.


Each domain is priced at £10.49+VAT per year regardless of whether you purchase one, or both. This price applies to registration and renewals. These domains can be registered for a maximum of 10 years.


The latest updates

UPDATE: 1st March 2015

Happy St David's Day! General registration has finally arrived! From noon today anyone can secure a .wales or .cymru domain name. You can choose to register them individually or purchase both. We have made sure that our pricing is the most competitive on the market at only £10.49+VAT per year. We have made easy to find in our domain availability checker listed in the 'UK' section.

UPDATE: 1st March 2013

Happy St David's Day! The good news is that we're likely to see a June 2014 launch for both .wales and .cymru. Full details will be announced just as an official date is released.

UPDATE: 11th June 2013

We would love to say that we have had lots of information flowing in from ICANN and Nominet regarding timescales and costs, but sadly there has been no further word. We have a meeting set for August and will share what we can with you once we have further details. In the mean time please 'like' us on Facebook and you'll receive a feed of information from us nearer the time.

UPDATE: 13th June 2012

Today ICANN revealed all gTLD strings which were applied for in this initial round. There were many which had duplicated bids, such as .music, .app and .blog, however there was only the one application for .wales and .cymru which will increase the chances of them being accepted and in a speedy fashion without any bidding wars or legal challenges. Still no firm dates have been set, however the first accepted extensions could be live as soon as March 2013.

A complete list of the gTLD applications can be found here - http://goo.gl/PpoN1

UPDATE: 22nd November 2012

The world's governments have had their say about the new generic top level domains (gTLDs), lodging more than 200 objections to proposed new extensions. It seems Australia seems to have the most objections, with over 100 complaints lodged.

The United Kingdom government only raised concerns on the .rugby proposed extension, putting weight behind the most logical applicant of the International Rugby Board (IRB), given that 3 parties have applied for control of it. There were no objections the .wales or .cymru extensions adding weight to them becoming a reality. It is however a shame that the United Kingdom government backs a bidder behind .rugby, but equally they could have put pressure on ICANN, publicly, to ensure that the .wales and .cymru extensions activate at the same time, and are prioritised given that they to be used to promote a nation, not an organisation or industry body, with economic benefits.

A complete list of the gTLD government objections can be found here - http://goo.gl/GULmJ

UPDATE: 7th December 2012

Today ICANN revealed all gTLD strings which were applied for in this initial round. There were many which had duplicated bids, such as .music, .app and .blog, however there was only the one application for .wales and .cymru which will increase the chances of them being accepted and in a speedy fashion without any bidding wars or legal challenges. Still no firm dates have been set, however the first accepted extensions could be live as soon as March 2013.

UPDATE: 13th June 2012

Nominet is now seeking views to ensure that the new top level domains meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders in Wales and beyond. Feedback is being sought on a number of areas including:

  • Whether there should be any link between the .cymru and .wales domain names and if so, how such a connection might operate.
  • Whether there should be any restrictions on who could register a .cymru or .wales domain.
  • The approach to managing domain names in Welsh.
  • Proposals for the launch of the new domain name spaces, including the approach to trademarks and other rights.

For details of how to participate in this consultation please visit the Domain for Wales site - http://goo.gl/e11tO

Facts & Figures

The Welsh Economy in Numbers

  • 3 million +
    population serviced by over 88,000 active businesses*
  • £1.5 billion
    was spent by UK tourists in Wales in 2010
  • 84%
    of Welsh adults have access to fixed broadband**
  • 1 million
    overseas tourists spent £1/3 billion during 2010
  • £53 million
    increase (1%) in exports to EU countries in Q1 2012*
  • £575 million
    increase (8%) in exports to non-EU countries in Q1 2012*
  • £628 million
    increase of Welsh export value for the year ending Q1 2012 compared with the previous 4 quarters

Market Research

High quality calls connected and itemised

The benefits of these new domain names are hard to measure, but we believe that they are likely to significantly outweigh the costs. Our survey suggest that 70% of Welsh consumers and 59% of Welsh business respondents believe that Wales should have its own domain space.

Around 40% of our business survey respondents thought that a domain name for Wales could help promote their business in Wales. Around 30% thought that a ".wales" domain name would help promote their business outside of Wales and internationally, whilst 20% thought that a ".cymru" domain name would have this effect.

A ".wales" domain name is significantly more attractive to many Welsh businesses than ".cymru" because it is more recognisable outside Wales. 42% of respondents to our business survey preferred the Welsh top level domain to be ".wales" (24% preferred ".cymru"; 19% preferred ".cymru-wales"; and 15% did not know).

Consumers in Wales show a strong preference for either ".wales" or "cymru" over most alternatives, with a slightly stronger preference for the latter. Our consumer survey suggests that slightly more Welsh consumers prefer a ".cymru" domain in comparison to other popular domains such as ".co.uk" and ".com" (59% and 72% respectively) than prefer ".wales" to the same domains (53% and 70% respectively). An alternative hybrid ".cymru-wales", was considered but was not preferred.

The value to businesses of Welsh branding varies across sectors and a domain name for Wales will enable those businesses who think it can help them promote their business to take advantage of the branding and other benefits that it offers. Estimates based on our customer survey suggest that more than £2billion of sales in Wales could be available to businesses and organisations adopting a ".wales" website, though it is likely to result from displacing trading in other online and offline Environments.

A Welsh domain, reflecting well-established consumer preference for locally branded goods and services, could lead to additional e-commerce activity and offline transactions for businesses registering under the new domain. If a separate domain for Wales were to increase e-commerce sales by just 1%, for example, then this would be equivalent to a sales increase of £195m.

A Wales-specific domain could contribute positively to the development of the Wales brand and to the wider recognition of that brand overseas. In this way it could support the work of the Welsh Government in raising the profile of Wales internationally to attract inward investment, to promote Welsh exports and to grow the Welsh economy.