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A Domain Name for Wales

DOMAIN AVAILABILITY - If you would like to see if your .wales or .cymru domain is available please visit our domain checker page which will allow you to search with ease alongside hundreds of other extensions.

Promote your Identity on a Global Stage
Promote your Identity on a Global Stage

Wales has been one of the last countries in the world to have access to its own domain name. Whether you are an individual with a personal website, or a business proud to be Welsh, these domains can allow you to better promote your location and what you sell.

Keeping it Simple
Keeping it Simple

You may currently be making use of existing domain extensions such as evans-hats-wales.com, whereas now can look to securing a simpler and shorter version such as evans-hats.wales or evanshats.cymru.

Reach Welsh Speakers
Reach Welsh Speakers

As part of the application process the organisers behind this made sure that both .wales and .cymru were secured. This can allow you to easily separate your English and Welsh versions of your website, as an example.

Profits Are Re-invested in Wales
Profits Are Re-invested in Wales

All the profits generated from the registration of .cymru and .wales domain names by Nominet are being put back into Internet related projects in Wales.


Each domain is priced at £18.50 per year regardless of whether you purchase one, or both. This price applies to registration and renewals. These domains can be registered for a maximum of 10 years.

Market Research

High quality calls connected and itemised

The benefits of these domain names are hard to measure, but we believe that they are likely to significantly outweigh the costs. Our survey suggest that 70% of Welsh consumers and 59% of Welsh business respondents believe that Wales should have its own domain space.

Around 40% of our business survey respondents thought that a domain name for Wales could help promote their business in Wales. Around 30% thought that a ".wales" domain name would help promote their business outside of Wales and internationally, whilst 20% thought that a ".cymru" domain name would have this effect.

A ".wales" domain name is significantly more attractive to many Welsh businesses than ".cymru" because it is more recognisable outside Wales. 42% of respondents to our business survey preferred the Welsh top level domain to be ".wales" (24% preferred ".cymru"; 19% preferred ".cymru-wales"; and 15% did not know).

Consumers in Wales show a strong preference for either ".wales" or "cymru" over most alternatives, with a slightly stronger preference for the latter. Our consumer survey suggests that slightly more Welsh consumers prefer a ".cymru" domain in comparison to other popular domains such as ".co.uk" and ".com" (59% and 72% respectively) than prefer ".wales" to the same domains (53% and 70% respectively). An alternative hybrid ".cymru-wales", was considered but was not preferred.

The value to businesses of Welsh branding varies across sectors and a domain name for Wales will enable those businesses who think it can help them promote their business to take advantage of the branding and other benefits that it offers. Estimates based on our customer survey suggest that more than £2billion of sales in Wales could be available to businesses and organisations adopting a ".wales" website, though it is likely to result from displacing trading in other online and offline Environments.

A Welsh domain, reflecting well-established consumer preference for locally branded goods and services, could lead to additional e-commerce activity and offline transactions for businesses registering under the new domain. If a separate domain for Wales were to increase e-commerce sales by just 1%, for example, then this would be equivalent to a sales increase of £195m.

A Wales-specific domain could contribute positively to the development of the Wales brand and to the wider recognition of that brand overseas. In this way it could support the work of the Welsh Government in raising the profile of Wales internationally to attract inward investment, to promote Welsh exports and to grow the Welsh economy.