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Automated off-site backup solutions to protect your data

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Automated Off-Site Backups

Off-site Automated Data Backups For Dedicated Servers

All our servers, with the exception of the 'Professional' range include RAID Hard Disks as standard preventing complete data loss in the event of a hard disk failure. This, however, does not protect from files being accidentally deleted or corrupted.

Our managed backup solutions can reduce time spent making remote backups which can be laborious and may be forgotten about until it is too late. A nightly backup will ensure you never lose any critical data as it can be restored at any time quickly with the minimum of fuss.

Data is copied securely to our off-site RAID 100 disk arrays every night. To minimise load on your server only recently changed files will be copied over, and actioned at a time when disruption to you and your customers is at its least.

The disk based copy means your most recent backup is instantly accessible enabling us to complete full and partial restores quickly, whilst the backups allow versions of files from up to 1 week to be obtained. Should you have a custom requirement to retain the data for longer this can also be arranged.

Offsite Managed Backups for Dedicated Servers

Data Recovery

Our SLA ensures instant hardware replacements should a failure occur, and all data restored free of charge from the most recent backup. Without the managed backup option the replacement hardware would be supplied in the original configuration and you would be responsible for uploading the data and non-default settings.

Files can be restored at anytime, day or night, free of charge. These can be accessed from our backup clusters using FTP thus avoiding any delays in requesting tape backups to be brought back on-site.

Control Your Backups

The following variables can be adjusted to meet your needs:

  • Directories to backup
  • Files to backup or exclude
  • Time of day to run backups (default is 2am)
  • Number of backups completed each day (default is once)
  • Data retention (default is 3 days)

Pricing Options

Sizes and prices to meet your needs

Option 1
50 GB
  • Monthly £50
  • Quarterly £137.5
  • Annually £500
Option 2
100 GB
  • Monthly £75
  • Quarterly £205
  • Annually £750
Option 3
200 GB
  • Monthly £200
  • Quarterly £550
  • Annually £2000
Option 4
  • Monthly £CALL
  • Quarterly £CALL
  • Annually £CALL

Prices are shown exclusive of VAT